Slot Machines – How You Can Win Big

The progressive slots is one of the more popular slot games around. Because of the ever-increasing payouts these machines give attracts many players to the game.

Before you head of to play the progressive slots though, you might want to get yourself acquainted with how the system works. This information can be very useful later on when you come up with strategies to get more winnings in the game.

Essentially, the progressive slot machine is usually not a single machine but rather a collection of interconnect machines controlled by a central system. All the money bet into all the machines are collected into a central pot until a player hits the jackpot combination. Players can play on any machine to get a chance to win the jackpot. The system sets no limit to the pot, this means that as more and more players try the machines, the pot also grows. There can even be instances that it would take weeks before the jackpot can be won for these machines, which translates to a hefty sum for the lucky winner. Note that hitting a jackpot (not the progressive one) on any of the machines is less than that of straight slots since the systems take a percentage of the pots on the machines to build the progressive jackpot.

There are several kinds of progressive machines that are being offered in the casinos nowadays. Each one essentially differs on how the jackpot is calculated, but all work on the same principles of increasing prize money. A casino establishment might offer all types in one setting, however, most casinos usually maintain only one type of easier regulation.

Stand-alone machines are single machines. The stand-alone works by collecting a percentage of the coins that are being dropped into it and adding it to top prize for the winning combination. Thus while the top prize is itself fixed, the total winnings increase as players come in to play. The stand-alone usually pays out less than similarly prized networked machines.

The in-house machines are, on the other hand, the network operated by a single casino. In some cases, many systems are interconnected within the casino company’s franchises, making it possible to win a very big pot from anywhere.

For the really big ones, however, there are the wide area progressives. These huge slots networks are made possible through collaboration between casino machines and may involve hundreds, if not thousands, of devices. The payouts from these slots can even run into the millions of dollars, making it a really lucrative win.

But, there are some things that you can do increase your chances of doing well at the online casinos. So, here are a few slot tips that you can use to make the most out of your time playing slots online.

Slot Tip #1 – Use the Casino Bonuses available

That’s a pretty simple tip. If a casino is willing to give you bonus money, take it.

Some of the bonuses are completely free (No Deposit Required), while others are simply generous. Imagine, you walk into a casino with $50 that you plan to use playing slots. and they hand you an extra $50, or an extra $100, or maybe even an extra $200.

Odd as that seems, it happens all the time at online casinos. And while I still tend to play at a casino because I like the games, I can tell you that if two casinos have the same games, I’m drawn towards the one with the better bonus.

I’m sure that I’ve hit winners during sessions that were only because I had bonus money to continue playing with. Without the bonus, I would have burned through my gambling money for the night and have had to quit before I landed the winner.

Check the index page of Online Slot Player for the best online casino bonus offers aimed at slot players each month.

Slot Tip #2 – Play Loose Slots

I already did a video and wrote a page about finding out how loose the slots are at some of the online casinos.

Plainly put, loose slots are more fun and more likely to spit winners than tight machines. Look for casinos where the slots are paying 95% or better.

Slot Tip #3 – Play Max Coins

Some slots have a payout advantage on some winning combinations when the player is wagering max coins on the spin. Sometimes the payout for the top winning combination pays extra credits if someone is playing max coins.

Usually, the need to play max coins on each spin is most evident on a Progressive Jackpot machine. It is rare that a progressive jackpot machine will award the big jackpot to a player who was not playing max coins when they landed that big winning combination.

Check the machine when you’re playing, and if there’s an advantage to playing max coins, by all means, Play Max Coins. If you need to drop down in coin sizes to be able to afford to play max coins, that’s ok.

Slot Tip #4 – Stay In Control

Playing slot machines can be pretty exciting. That’s probably one of the big reasons we do it because there are plenty of times when I’ll land a big winner but just playback down to where I started. I like the excitement.
But – we can’t ever let the excitement get the best of us and lead us to spend more playing slots than we can afford to lose. It’s entertainment after all, and I spend grocery money on groceries, and entertainment money on entertainment.

So, the final slot tip for now is to – Stay In Control when playing the online slot machines.